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I use "Structural Steel Designer's Handbook" edited by Roger L Brockenbrough and
Fredrick S Merrit, (McGraw Hill), ASCE press.


Quoting "John J. Treff" <jjtreff(--nospam--at)>:

> Hello colleagues,
> I am sure many of you are familiar with the book "Masonry Structures:
> Behaviour and Design" by Drysdale, Hamid and Baker, published by The Masonry
> Society. In my opinion, one of the best structural engineering books out
> there. Despite beign very complete and thorough, it is clearly explained and
> easy to understand. Ideal for an undergrad or graduate course in masonry
> structural design. Or just to learn masonry on your own.
> Well, for those of you familiar with this book, I'd like to ask if you can
> recommend something similar for steel design. Hopefully based on the 13th
> edition of the AISC manual, but if not, it doesn't matter as long as it
> includes LRFD. I just want a good book that covers all topics in a clear
> manner with lots of examples.
> Any recommendations?
> JJ
> P.S. I know there have been threads with this topic in thye past, so I
> apologize for not paying attention to them. :-)
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