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re: telemarketing

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I find two things funny about this exchange. 50% of the condensed list was in response to telemarketing, the other half structural engineering. We are all bored of what we are doing I guess :)
Also, Columbia is actually a democracy and we support them openly with militiary and money. They have come a long way in the last decade or so (cocaine discussions aside, and they are working hard on that), while Venezuela has slid to the far left socialist side. But that would be a great SNL sketch of a recorded political message in Iran or N Korea or someplace. "You may choose another candidate, if one were to exist in theory, however, I may be able to "pursuade" you to vote for me. Please wait for the knock at your door which should be happening about, now...."
I too misunderstood Bill's email, but I did see the smiley face so that technically negates any arguments that may follow. I have been misunderstood a few times by email, unfortunately we cannot deliver true facial expressions and voice by email.... I do like the argument to end all arguments, "If you don't like it here, then GEEEEETTTTTT OOOUUUUUTTTTTT!!!!", and I think Bill was playing with that. A flag at your house, a T shirt, and a sticker on your car do NOT make you a patriot. I believe almost everyone in this country loves this country, but we can all have slightly different views on how our government should run it. That is democracy, which is awesome, which is why some of our ancestors came here in the first place so they could dissent or disagree without repercussions. When we disagree technically on this list we do so gracefully and full or respect for the other person's ideas, why not the same when discussing politics?
Open arguements and discussions are not only the strength of OUR DEMOCRACY but of THIS LIST. This list to me illustrates democratic debate at its finest, perhaps much purer than actual politics, the best being structural engineering has no party system. So we are all free to sway this way and that without being called names like wishy-washy or flip-flopper. I am a proud flip flopper, because that to me is open-mindedness. If you have some good ideas I will listen, research, question my own ideas, and then possibly change my mind. I am not tied to one structural party. Before I was a strict component and cladding guy when it comes to truss design, now the MWFRS party, made up of Chris and Conrad namely, have caused me to rethink the issue. I am coming across the aisle to think about what they are saying, I may just FLIP FLOP.
Everyone take it easy, halfway there on humpday! Do we need to start another beer posting or wait until Friday??
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