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Book by Salmon and Johnson is pretty good.  Also the book by Englekirk is not bad (had to give credit to my old employer).


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Hello colleagues,
I am sure many of you are familiar with the book "Masonry Structures: Behaviour and Design" by Drysdale, Hamid and Baker, published by The Masonry Society. In my opinion, one of the best structural engineering books out there. Despite beign very complete and thorough, it is clearly explained and easy to understand. Ideal for an undergrad or graduate course in masonry structural design. Or just to learn masonry on your own.

Well, for those of you familiar with this book, I'd like to ask if you can recommend something similar for steel design. Hopefully based on the 13th edition of the AISC manual, but if not, it doesn't matter as long as it includes LRFD. I just want a good book that covers all topics in a clear manner with lots of examples.

Any recommendations?


P.S. I know there have been threads with this topic in thye past, so I apologize for not paying attention to them. :-)


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