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RE: structural observation

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You should also get the CASE National Practice Guidelines for The Structural Engineer of Record. This is 16 pages and will let you know what can be expected of you as SER and what you can expect to bill as Additional Services.


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From: DA ENGINEERING [mailto:dnae(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2008 1:31 PM
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Subject: structural observation


Hi everyone,

I will try again to get input

thanks in advance


 structural observation to residential jobs


engineer go to the site see all element beams, posts, connections, shear walls , nailing , plywood

anchor bolts  etc...........

but when it come to verify the location of beams under post above

how you make sure it line up , is not offset,  is that the responsibility of  the engineer

who observe the job, framer , contractor, or city's inspector and for CBC 2007  special inspection

I think it will be difficult for observation's engineer to verify

specially for large scale homes with 100 beams three story  to  do that


thanks in advance for your input and experience


my second question if there offset between beam and post above

and is hard to get anything added

what is acceptable  for example 1 1/8 inch  plywood

3/4 inch plywood

 to span 16 inch over joists  with point load = 3.0 kip to 5.0 kips?!


thanks for input


Dave A.