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Re: 30" wide catwalk

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Just to add a thought to all the others on this subject. Up here, our electrical code requires that where ever there is an electrical panel, that there must be at least 30 inches clear in front of the closest electrical component. I am just going by memory but that is the gist of it.

David Topete wrote:
I would agree that the catwalk that you are working on can be 24" wide if it is considered access for maintenance of the conveying equipment. Essentially, you should be able to argue that the expected occupant load is no more than maybe two "workers" along the length of catwalk. And, it's an industrial facility so I strongly doubt that this catwalk is to be ADA compliant. Good luck.

Can anyone confirm that the *minimum width of catwalk* used in
    heavy industrial (i.e. for Bulk/Material handling conveyor system)
    has been changed from *24" to 30" wide?* One of our independent
    checkers made comments regarding this change.
I checked with IBC 2000, 2003 and 2006 nothing mentioned about the
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