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Federal Project - Seismic Question

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I have a potential client asking for a Life Safety Performance Level building certification, it looks to be a Tier 1 according to ICSSC RP 6. This is detailed in FEMA 310. The project is assumed to be near Orlando, FL.
I have followed through the FEMA 310 formulas, they are rather simple, and have come up with a Moderate Category according to Table 2-1 (Sds & Sd1), assuming Site Class D or E. This is hard for me to believe that this is the case, Seismic Design is excluded from the Florida Building Code, and according to a VA Seismicity Map, based on FEMA 310, they have all of Florida as "LOW" Seismicity. I should be getting the same results as the VA Map if I used FEMA 310 and that is what the map is based on, I am assuming?
This area is generally very sandy, with some organics and clayey soils, and then you may have limestone down 100+ feet... We usually get allowable soil bearing capacities in the 2-3ksf range. Using ASCE Table it would seem we would be D or E, though if soil brg capacity is anything like su (avg undrained shear strength in top 100ft) then maybe we could have a Class C.
The VA Map I have does not show what site class they assume, so that has to be the difference, unless it is spectral response that is the issue. I was using ASCE 7 to determine both the Ss and S1 values, as well as the Site Class. FEMA 310 says to use one of their seismic maps, though I have not been able to locate it. It is called Seismic Map Package. I would be surpised if these were not the same or close to ASCE, but this is not may area of expertise.
Anyone have any input? Please CC me directly. Or a link or PDF or FEMA Seismic Map Package.
I am just trying to determine my scope for a proposal, and would like to be in the ballpark with my time required... TIA!
Andrew Kester, P.E.
Principal/Project Manager
ADK Structural Engineering, PLLC
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