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Re: Residential Foundation Tipping

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David Maynard wrote:

Got this call earlier this week. Like to hear what everyone has to say.

It’s a residential foundation, 9’-3” wall on top of 8” by 16” continuous footer. Reinforcing unknown. The wall is actually tipping into the building. Anchor bolts on the outside have broken the concrete out at several locations. Soils report says it’s a sandy-clayey-silt. Took samples from the surface and brought to another dirt-engineer who, at sight and touch, believes it to be a lean or fat clay. *shrug* Jury is still out on this one. Current landscaping is exposed backfill, or NO landscaping at all. There is a perimeter sub-drain (one of those perforated pipes surrounded by Styrofoam peanuts in a mesh sock) around the base of the foundation. House, and wall where damage exists, is about 100 feet away from the base of a hill. There appears to be positive drainage away from the house.

I have my own suspicions as to what could have happened, but I am curious if anyone has run into this on their end. Anyone? Anyone? Foundation damage that I have typically seen is either settlement and heave.

Dave Maynard, PE

Gillette, WY

It sounds like that the lateral pressure from the exterior backfill has overloaded the connection at the top of the wall to the floor framing. I am surprised that the bolts popping out is the weak link.

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