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RE: I'm I just a small thinker?

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Actually, NCSEA does NOT have individual membership.  NCSEA is a association of associations.  Thus, when you pay membership fee as an individual you are paying that money to a local structural engineering organization that then might be a member of NCSEA.  To some this might be splitting hairs, but in the real "dollars and cents" sense, it is a big deal...of the $200, only very small portion of it goes to NCSEA in the forms of dues (it was something like $10 per member of the local organization at one time...might have increased since then, but I am confident it is not much). 
The $200 membership that you mention is a sustaining membership fee for a structural engineer FIRM (which could conceivably be an individual practicing engineer).  I am guessing that not too many firms do that and if they do, it is purely because they believe in supporting NCSEA, not because they directly get something.
I will also note that the $250 for the seminar is the fee for one INTERNET connection...not one person.  It clearly states that "several people may attend for one connection fee."  Thus, you could have 5 people (they are rather unspecific as to how many "several" constitutes) sitting around the computer watching the webinar.  In theory, you could have a room of 30 people sitting in front of a projector (don't know if that constitutes "several" or not...nor how they might deal with PDHs at least in terms of official documentation of them).
Adrian, MI
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Subject: RE: I'm I just a small thinker?

I totally agree with you, Bill.  It’s a one hour webinar that is more of a clarification of a design example.


In my opinion, little things like this would be great to offer for free to their membership.  Minimum membership fee is $200.  What do you get for that money?  Wouldn’t the added benefit of free continuing education via webinars just like this be a nice addition?



David Maynard

Gillette, WY

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Subject: I'm I just a small thinker?


Or does anyone else think it is ludicrous to charge $250 for a webinar connection?


I’m referring to Don’t get me wrong; I think Doug Thompson is a fine speaker and the topic should be interesting.


But $250 and not even a continental breakfast?


Is it just me?


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