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Fees for Publications & Seminar

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When the switch to the IBC was being announced, it seemed foreboding that the photos of happy engineers looked allot like professional models. Commercials

What is the cost of an internet conference? $15
What is the publishing cost of a PDF file design guide or code? $5

When most of the code handling was in California, publications and seminar fees were seemingly the cost of housing the seminar, and publishing costs were at the cost of printing. Costs depended on professionals who volunteered their time, they were amply rewarded with the professional recognition and were at the front for the best design jobs. I am proud to be part of a professional organization, but without the pricing similar to a driver's education class.

Discounts for multiple users has put more pressure on the small engineer. Discounts favor the larger and better endowed design firm owner. I understand that the small operator may, as a group, generate more construction, by measurement of cost and by population of end users. As a service to the public, this all seems counter productive.

David Merrick, SE

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