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R=3 Application for Non-building Structures

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We have a pipe rack that is SDC B, Ordinary Moment Frame (OMF) in the transverse and Ordinary Concentrically Brace Frame (OCBF) in the longitudinal direction. The question is can we use Table 12.2-1 (page 122) ASCE 7-05, H. STEEL SYSTEMS NOT SPECIFICALLY DETAILED FOR SEISMIC RESISTANCE, EXCLUDING CANTILEVER COLUMN SYSTEMS, R = 3 and avoid using the AISC 341 - Seismic Design Manual?
Table 12.2-1 (pg 122) may not be applicable for pipe rack design (non-building structure similar to building) because chapter 12 in ASCE 7-05 is designed for building application only. Therefore section H for "steel systems not specifically detailed for seismic resistance", may not be applicable.
Pipe rack is covered under Table 15.4-1 - Non-Building Structures Similar to Building, and the detailing requirements for ordinary moment frame spell out AISC 341, so special detailing is required using a R = 3.5. If the use of R=3 is allowed a section similar to section H on table 12.2-1 will be placed on Table 15.4-1? So unless we use R = 1.0 (unlimited height), we have to go by the AISC 341 with special seismic detailing.
Does anybody have experience on this issue before? please advise.
Thank you in advance.

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