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RE: Residential Foundation Tipping

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Hello Dave,

My apologies for being so late to respond to this thread.
I've talked to excavators here who will backfill foundations
within two days of the forms being stripped.  I asked him 
about problems with the stemwalls on single story houses
and basement walls on houses with basements, since
the concrete is still green and the floors haven't been installed.
He said that when the walls move inward, they just reach
over with their bucket and pull it back to "where it should be", a
position that is eye-ball correct.

This didn't instill me with confidence that my design notes
were being read and followed.

If the house that you're looking at was built similarly, then you
may have had a cracked section before the floor was even
installed, and that the walls could have been compromised from
the start.

The other thing that I've seen is anchor bolts getting installed very
close to the outside edge of the sill plate.  This might be why they
popped out, or it could have been cracks in the wall due to the
above mentioned pre-mature backfill that cracked the wall alone
a line near or at the anchor bolts.

I hope that this might help you.  Food for thought.

Take Care,
Lloyd Pack

On 23 Jun 2008 at 8:16, David Maynard wrote:

> The floor system is wood floor trusses that span 30? (max), rather
> than your typical TJI/BCI engineered wood products, with 0.75?
> sub-floor. It?s a one story house with furnished basement, so there
> was no apparent damage on the main level.There did appear to be some
> damage at the corner of one interior wall (?crushing?) which would
> indicate additional deflection of the floor structure. It could also
> be that the house settled after it got furnished and the deflection is
> finally showing through. It?s isolated damage to one area, and there
> are other walls, so I tend to believe it?s an isolated instance.
> Dave Maynard
> Gillette, WY

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