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Re: Duane Miller

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When I started building my library here, I bought two manuals by Omer Blogett (I think, it was on your advice).  I was pretty sure Mr. Blogett at the time was as much a historical legend as Timoshenko.
At a certain point, however, I called Lincoln Electric for a consultation, and, to my complete amazement, was directed to Omer Blogett.  I called him more than once after that, and he even signed his books for me.
When I started designing bridges, I asked for his advice for literature in this field.  He mailed me copies of several pages from Chapter 13 of "Design of Steel Structures", including that of the first page with the signatures of all authors (Bresler, T.Y. Lin, and Scalzi).
Each time we talked, he appeared not only a very bright person and an exceptional engineer, but also a real gentleman.
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA  
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Subject: RE: Duane Miller

You should have encountered Omer Blodgett. 
The guy who taught Duane was Omer Blodgett.  Omer is a great teacher and Duane a great student and now Duane is a great teacher himself. 
The last I knew, Omer still showed up at Lincoln for work every now and then.  I believe that he is about 90 years old.  I took a welding class from Omer Blodgett, Duane Miller, and the late James Lincoln, Jr. in about 1977. 
It was an amazing experience. 

Harold Sprague

Subject: Duane Miller
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 15:15:19 -0600
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A couple weeks ago I attended an AISC seminar in Bozeman, MT called Listen to the Steel:  Duane Miller on Welding.  Mr. Miller works at Lincoln Electric, and is the most knowledgeable person about everything welding I have encountered.  Very well presented, incredibly informative.  If anyones looking for development hours, this one is highly recommended.

Gordon Goodell

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