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Re: Duane Miller

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I attended a night-time presentation by Omer Blodgett in Toronto approximately 35 years ago. It had been advertised amongst the engineering community and was presented in a large hotel conference room. The room was packed-standing room only and I would have guessed there were 500 attendees. It says something for his stature.

Harold Sprague wrote:
You should have encountered Omer Blodgett. The guy who taught Duane was Omer Blodgett. Omer is a great teacher and Duane a great student and now Duane is a great teacher himself. The last I knew, Omer still showed up at Lincoln for work every now and then. I believe that he is about 90 years old. I took a welding class from Omer Blodgett, Duane Miller, and the late James Lincoln, Jr. in about 1977. It was an amazing experience.
Harold Sprague


Subject: Duane Miller
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 15:15:19 -0600
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A couple weeks ago I attended an AISC seminar in Bozeman, MT called “Listen to the Steel: Duane Miller on Welding.” Mr. Miller works at Lincoln Electric, and is the most knowledgeable person about everything welding I have encountered. Very well presented, incredibly informative. If anyone’s looking for development hours, this one is highly recommended.

Gordon Goodell

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