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RE: AC Piles vs Drilled piers.

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As Tom Hunt already stated, Berkel is a major player in APG piles.
The question you have posed has no real good answer with the variables that you list.  The economic viability depends on quantity, soil type, geography, etc.  I have used APG piles in depths from 40 feet to over 200 feet.  I would suggest that you contact Berkel to determine the optimal solution.  They have good geotechs on staff that can answer more effectively than I can. 
The trade organization governing APG and other deep foundations is the Deep Foundation Institute.
The DFI produces the Augered Cast-In-Place Piles Manual.
Pile diameters commonly range from 12 to 24 inches, in 2 inch increments.  They can also be constructed up to 30 and 36 inch diameters in the US.  I have heard that there are rigs capable of 48 inch piles.  Smaller piles will have a single central bar for reinforcing.  Larger piles can have a rebar cage. 
A good contractor is a must.  I have had very bad results with APG piles by poorly qualified contractors.  Berkel has bailed out at least 2 of my projects in which the GC accepted poorly qualified contractors. 

Harold Sprague

Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2008 05:52:48 -0700
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Subject: AC Piles vs Drilled piers.

Hello All.  This is a general question.
Does anyone have a feel for favored diameters for Auger Cast Piles, as well as typical largest/ smallest to consider?
Also, in general, at what depths do the AC Piles become preferred over drilled piers? 
I know that there are other items to consider in the decision, but from an "all things being equal" perspective.  Seismic will not play a role.

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