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RE: AC Piles vs Drilled piers.

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Very long and slender piles will act like spaghetti.
The rigidity of the pile depends on its Diameter/Length ratio.
In West Coast, where I need to resist seismic forces in addition to gravity loads, I have kept this ratio under 20.
Piles slimmer that this would behave in a more complicated manner and would require finite element analysis on pile-soil interaction.

Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar
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Subject: AC Piles vs Drilled piers.
Hello All.  This is a general question.
Does anyone have a feel for favored diameters for Auger Cast Piles, as well as typical largest/ smallest to consider?
Also, in general, at what depths do the AC Piles become preferred over drilled piers? 
I know that there are other items to consider in the decision, but from an "all things being equal" perspective.  Seismic will not play a role.