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RE: Fibers in Composite Slab

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Does anybody out there have any experience with using fiber
reinforcement in an elevated composite slab?  We've got a project that
has come in way over budget, and the contractor has suggested that we
could save some money by taking out the welded wire fabric and just
using fibers.  Given the situation, we'd like to entertain the thought,
but none of us here have done it, so we don't have any comfort level
with it and aren't particularly thrilled to have this $100 million
project as the test case.

If you've tried this, did you use synthetic fibers, steel fibers, or a
mixture?  How were the results?  Were there finishing problems?
Cracking?  If we go with fiber, we're planning on keeping rebar over the
girders to control cracking in the negative moment region - would you
agree that this is good practice?  Any other considerations?


-- Joel

The SDI specification for composite steel form deck requires a minimum amount of shrinkage reinforcement equal to 0.00075 times the area of concrete above the deck. I have heard some fiber manufacturer's claim that their product is a replacement for this reinforcing. However, I see no mention of this in the SDI specification.


Adam Vakiener, P.E.
Structural Engineer
Southern A&E, LLC

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