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re: fibers in composite slab

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With all due respect, I read this part fo the post aloud to the other engineer in my office for discussion/humor purposes:
"the contractor has suggested that we
could save some money by taking out the welded wire fabric and just
using fibers"
The contractor will actually be making more money, because he will have a repair job in a couple of weeks and you may be getting a bill or worse... I completely agree with Harold. A previous employer did it on one job and they had all kinds of cracking. I think even with composite stl deck and bars over negative regions and at reentrant corners, there are too many other "accidental" tensile forces (in addition to negative bending and shrinkage) in a deck+slab system to not have steel reinforcement, WWR at a min.
My answer would be NO WAY! And stick to your guns but explain why, using case study as a valid reason so you don't look like you are just being overly conservative. And a $100M building they probably have a few more areas of budget concern than your WWR.... I would think that would be a very minor cost anyway.
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