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Re: Fibers in Composite Slab

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        Most people I've worked with think that fiber reinforcing is just fine PROVIDED you use the same amount of "ordinary" steel reinforcing that you would use without the fiber reinforcing.  This seems in keeping with what some others are saying.
        That said, switching to fiber reinforcing to save money on a $100,000,000 job seems like trying to reduce the dead load by using thinner coats of paint!  To really save money you will need to look at the "big money" items. My suggestions would be to check architectural finishes, mechanical equipment, or general project layouts and specifications.
        Another likely problem area is the budget itself may be unrealistic.  Consultants often have difficulty in preparing accurate budget estimates, in large part because the suppliers know that the consultants are not the paying customers so they won't provide the best pricing input.
        Good luck.
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Subject: Fibers in Composite Slab

Does anybody out there have any experience with using fiber reinforcement in an elevated composite slab?  We?ve got a project that has come in way over budget, and the contractor has suggested that we could save some money by taking out the welded wire fabric and just using fibers.  Given the situation, we?d like to entertain the thought, but none of us here have done it, so we don?t have any comfort level with it and aren?t particularly thrilled to have this $100 million project as the test case.


If you?ve tried this, did you use synthetic fibers, steel fibers, or a mixture?  How were the results?  Were there finishing problems?  Cracking?  If we go with fiber, we?re planning on keeping rebar over the girders to control cracking in the negative moment region ? would you agree that this is good practice?  Any other considerations?




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