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Re: Diaphragm Chord Wood Roof

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Rich Lewis wrote:

I have a design and detail question. I’m working on a single story wood framed building with truss rafter roof. The lateral stability for wind is provided by wood sheathed shear walls. The trusses are parallel chord with bottom chord bearing. There is also a tall parapet that is part of the truss. At the face of wall the vertical member of the truss extends up to form the parapet.

Could you put blocking between the trusses below the sheathing but inward of the vertical member for the parapet and then run strapping on top of the sheathing? Your chord member would not be aligned with the exterior wall but offset to the interior. If you switched to a top chord bearing truss, your chord problem would be more straight forward, but the parapet design would require some sort of wall on top of the sheathing with staps on the front side to studs below and some sort of Simpson LTT on the back side to either the trusses or blocking between the trusses.

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