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re: ribers in composite slab

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Sorry, I meant I would not be a fan of replacing WWR in a deck+slab system with polypropelene fibers, even though the WWR in composite is there just for temp-shrink we all know it does a lot more than that ("accidental tensile stresses"). Steel fibers are a different beast all together, and are usually specified in a much larger quantity to provide flexural reinforcement. I know they are used successfully for warehouse slabs-on-grade with rack loading, I would assume they can and are used in some cases on elevated deck+slab systems for temp-shrink reinf. For non-composite where the deck is a form and not reinf. and your WWR is your primary reinf., I guess it is a no brainer that you cannot use fibers, but just in case, in Vulcraft's manual they state "Randomly distributed fibers or fibrous add mixes shall not be substituted for WW fabric tensile reinf."  This is not your case...
I believe the case with a previous employer was composite slab and poly fibers replaced WWR, and it was bad. Lots of cracking.
I would need some more documentation and involvement from a steel fiber mfr, including some specs with doesage amounts to replace WWR, and I would still use bars at corners and areas where you know you will have some negative bending stress. Keep us updated!
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