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Re: diaphragm chord wood roof

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Gerard Madden, SE wrote:

Yes, the coil strapping is the tension element and is placed over the wall sheathing into your blocking at the top chord between trusses. The chord force will be highest at the middle of the diaphragm span as you know, so you can skinny it down quickly from the 8 kips you mentioned. You may need two straps for that region where the force is high. Consider using 4x10 blocking with the depth running vertical to give you a wide enough surface to nail your straps into.


If the 4x10 is running horizontally (3 1/2" deep by 9 1/4" wide), then the coil straps can be run continuous away from the upright member for the parapet. There will be 3 3/4" from the inner face of the vertical 2x6 to the edge of the 4x10. Should be enough room for a wide coil strap or 2 narrow ones.

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