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HUD 7584 - Question

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Got a tie-down issue.


Homeowner has a single wide mobile home that is tied down with #4 rebar along each beam under the structure (four tie-downs for each beam).  The #4 is pounded into the ground (shale) approximately 24” below grade.  Another #4 bar, with hook on the top, is welded to the stick pounded into the ground.  The hook is then welded to the beam under the structure.


The unit is 12’ wide by 70’ long.  It’s been used for 18 years without these tie-downs.


I’m asked to verify that these tie-downs are in accordance with HUD.  Upon inspection, I am saying no, which I know will make my client, and likely the homeowner, unhappy.  Simply put, I can’t convince myself that this is an adequate construction, and I don’t want to put my stamp on it. 


Am I missing something in the “Acceptable Methods of Ranch Engineering”?  I’m looking for advice, ASAP.



David Maynard