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re: mobile home tie downs

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Put your findings in letter form and have the client bring a check to your office. If they want a verbal answer on the phone just say due to insurance and legal reasons you must express this in a letter. Try to do this by email instead of by phone. Once you get your check cashed change your number.
I would not sign and seal a certification for that with your seal or anyone else's.
The fees we have been asked to do similar investigations for would barely cover our drive time, much less our headache and liability. And I have reviewed the HUD requirements and they are INVOLVED. Email me privately if you need copies of them, someone else on the list shared them with me.
Best of luck, clients never like bad news, especially when it is a residential investigation and they are paying for bad news... (Because now they are not going to get loan approval, so who is paying your bill?)
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