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RE: Sloped Roof snow load

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I looked at the commentary again -I was looking at the fig 7.2b graphs and without the sippery roof -no reduction until 7:12 - the new code has better limitations and explinations on the reductions than the 97.  I see now -that commentary is useful.
Mono County has a new building official and he has revised all the county info to reflect the new code
Tim Rudolph
Bishop CA
Hi Tim;
Slope reductions are better explained mathematically in the
commentary of ASCE7-05 at section C7.4 on page 326.  We have been using
?Cold Roofs with Ct=1.1? and for ?unobstructed slippery surfaces? since all
(well ALMOST all) of our roofs have metal roofing.  Alpine County has been
allowing this (although your roof has to be higher than 15? to use the slope
reduction).  I?m not sure what Mono County had been doing.
Good luck and take care,

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