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Re: Wood Shear Wall Nailing

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FWIW, I always use 8d nails for shearwalls without too many problems. Most of the phone calls I get are in regard to Sill Nailing getting confused with "Shear Nailing"

Contractors see "SN" on a schedule, equate that as shear nailing (Known as Edge Nailing to us engineers) and complain that I'm making them uses SDS screws and 16's into studs.... then I explain that they need to re-examine the details...

"EN points to the nail on the wall sheathing into the double top plate. SN points to the vertical nail from the sole plate into the blocking or rim joist"....



On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 12:59 PM, Drew Morris <dmorris(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Michel Blangy wrote:
I am curious as to whether your wood shear wall schedules are based on 8d,
10d or both nails. I have avoided calling out 10ds out of fear that 8ds
would be mistakenly installed. I am being irrational?

No, although I prefer to use 8d on the walls and 10d on the roof sheathing.  What concerns me
most is that whether they are using common nails or galvanized box nails, the only two types
listed in IBC Table 2306.4.4 for shear walls.  Who knows what they use in nail guns.

We had a project several years ago where a church addition was being framed by volunteers who were overseen by a supposedly experienced foreman.  We called out 8d common at various spacings and I saw a wide variety of nails (roofing, 8d, 6d sinkers, etc.) being used.  They were however nailed at the exact spacing called out on the plans.  Once this was straightened out, they used the correct nails at the correct spacing.

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