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RE: Wood Shear Wall Nailing

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"Who knows what they use in nail guns."?

You should know.

Here's what I do:

The QA part:
I put a "nail table" on my drawings which defines the nail dimensions. One
column is what I call the nail on the drawings (8d, 10d, etc.), the second
column is the diameter of the nail for the purposes of the drawings and
subsequent columns are minimum length of nail depending what is being nailed
(1/2" WSP, 3/4" T&G, 2x, etc.) to achieve minimum penetration (10D).

The QC part:
During my structural observation, I have the framer pull an edge nail at
random from a shear wall. I then measure the diameter with my micrometer.
It's always an exciting moment when I announce my results.

FWIW, what I've found is that a popular gun nail is a 10d short (0.148"
diameter x 1-1/2" long).


T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.
Consulting Structural Engineers

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> Who knows what they use
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