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RE: cable guardrails

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The latest PTI handbook (6th edition) has a whole chapter on this.  There is also an article in Concrete International by Presswalla (May of ’89) that discusses this issue.


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In the bay area I have

but this is not for parking garages, you might try and call them to see if they deal with  this are maybe get a referral


I googled this, don't know anything about them



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Can anyone get me started with a link or PDF regarding cable guard rails?


The Arch details show cables vertically at 4" o.c. and these go through steel posts. There is a requirement on the drawing for a cable at 18" above the deck to withstand 6000lb lateral force. The spec says the top cable must support a lateral load of 200lb, standard code stuff.


We have done all types of misc handrails and guardrails, never anything for vehicles or with cables. I had always assumed this to be a bit of a specialty item, our client though is a general steel/alum fabricator not a specialty guardrail comany. They will not be able to provide any technical assistance. I know engineers who do parking garages also sometimes design the cable systems. Is this something I should pass onto a specialty engineer? This is a good ongoing client, and the relationship is important to me. If this stuff is relatively normal engineering with good tech info out there, I don't mind teaching this old dog new tricks...


Please CC me directly also, thanks in advance. 



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