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RE: seismic analysis

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ASCE 31-03 and 41-05 were developed for just such cases.  The design loads are less than current codes and you can use actual material strengths which are usually higher than the nominal ones.
In any case, you are going to have to develop as-built drawings or sketches to enable you to evaluate the superstructure.  The amount of detail that is necessary depends on the complexity of the load paths involved.
ASCE 31 starts out with checklists (Tier 1) that serve to identify potential problem areas; and then you go on to Tier 2 to analyze those parts and, if necessary, to ASCE 41 for an analysis of the system.
This is the best way to tackle an existing building evaluation.
Richard Hess S.E.
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Thanks Andrew.  I have ASCE 31-03 (Seismic Evaluation of Existing Buildigns), but the problem I'm having is the owner doesn't have any record drawings on the superstructure, just the foundations.  The superstructure is a metal building on a pile supported foundation system.  Since I have no way to evaluate the superstructure against today's codes, my hope was that I could at least compare the seismic loads it would have been designed for in 1974 vs. the loads required by today's code.  I have the '94 SBC, and if I can't find anything from '74 I'll at least make a comparison with it, but I'd rather compare to the original code if possible. 

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I have Fed guidelines for seismic evaluation of existing buildings, not sure if that is useful in this instance. I don't know if it gives you seismic guidelines for when this was originally built...
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Subject: Re: seismic analysis

This is for a private client.

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This for the US Gov't or a private client?
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