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RE: earthquake, felt it in Pasadena

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The earthquake was 7 miles deep according to Kate Hudson of the Cal Tech Seismology Department. Here in Pasadena on the 10th floor of our concrete frame building we had a little rocking and rolling. The building swayed for about a minute. No visible damage and no ceiling tiles down.
I went home to check on our 96 year old, 2 story Craftsman home here in Pasadena. It's not bolted down very well but it looks like it rode this one out without a glitch.
I heard from our CA team at the hospital project out in Ontario, about 5 or 10 miles from the epicenter. They're doing just fine. It's just coming out of the ground so it's just big mat and pile footings. No problems there.

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5.6 Chino Hills?
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