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RE: Staad 2007

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I’ve used STAAD for about 9 years now.  The next opportunity I get, I am going to switch to another program.  I simply do not like the technical support that I have gotten over the years.  For what it’s worth, I don’t use any of their load generators.  Simply put, I’m not comfortable with them and I don’t trust them.  Take it for what it’s worth.


If you do buy the stand alone package with hardlock, that program will continue to work for however long you have the program.  Sales Rep is correct, that after a year, you just won’t get any upgrades.  What you have will still work, though.  I’ve let several service agreements expire and jump on some years later for an upgrade with no problems.


Given the chance, though, I’m jumping to a new program.



David Maynard

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We are dropping our AdvanSE license for this reason, though I have not told my salesperson yet (sorry, Nina).  We have yet to upgrade to the Select version, and continue to use the older, USB-key hobbled software.  The Select server has gone down unexpectedly (twice?) in the past year, and there have been at least 4 notices of it going down for routine maintenance. If you are on the select service, you must have access to log into the server real-time to run the software - a "mother may I" condition which is, imho, untenable for a professional package. I don't know what happens when you stop paying - do they continue to let you log in? Will they continue to let you log in in th future? Forever? If you are unclear as to the possibilty, you might research Plays-for-Sure (by Microsoft), and other services in the entertainment industry which have decided to shot down their license servers, leaving consumers with unplayable (but paid-for) content. We have acquired a license of RISA.

It's a shame really, as the support was top notch.


Pedro Khouri wrote:

We are a small Engineering company in need of a 3D analysis and design program, we have a old version of STAAD.PRO 2001and are considering upgrading to 2007, however we are getting concerns with the new subscription type copy protection (Bentley SELECT Program) as, due to our need, we do to upgrade that often. Our main concern is what happens after the year agreement end? Does the software stop working? The sale lady from Bentley says it will continue working but will not get the upgrades, however my partner doest not trust salespersons.


Are there other options for 3D analysis and design software for small Engineering firm? We are getting and “Special Discount: to upgrade for lest than what it will cost to buy from the competition in addition that I am familiar with STADD.




Pedro Khouri


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