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RE: L.A. EQ: Typical Reaction

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No.  The politicians and administrators are totally responsible for any successes in building code development.  The seismologists are to be credited for keeping the magnitude low.  These guys are the pros.   
Any failures (like that water main) are due to engineering inadequacies and warrant a congressional investigation. 

Harold Sprague (2008 Bono recipient)

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Subject: L.A. EQ: Typical Reaction
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 07:07:58 -0700

Both the CNN website and the L.A. Times website credit the post-Northridge building codes for the lack of structural damage due to the 5.4 earthquake yesterday. Gee, I wonder who developed the criteria for the new building code. I wonder who gave hours of their valuable personal time pro bono to get this criteria implemented into a building code. Finally, I wonder who implements the new criteria into construction projects, often facing criticism from clients and owners because they are seemingly wasting money.


It must be the architect or the contractor, right?


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