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Where's reinforcement bond stress in the new code?

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In the past, I’ve designed anchors in tension at the top of a masonry wall using all thread rods (ATR) embedded in a grouted cell containing reinforcement. I considered this a non-contact lap splice and used the bond stress (2001 CBC/1997 UBC section 2107.2.2.4) as a transfer mechanism. I felt pretty safe using this method as it generated pretty long ATRs.


Either I can’t find the corresponding section in the MSJC or it’s just not there.



1. If it’s there, where is it?

2. If it’s not there, what alternate procedure should I use? There is no hook, there is no headed stud. I’m not sure if the 50% increase in length for epoxy coated reinforcing is adequate.




T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.


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