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RE: Mexico Building Code

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Thank you Ben & Tom





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Current building code in Mexico was published in 2004 with some important changes respect to former editions. The main part is the Building Code for Federal District (Reglamento de Construcciones para el Distrito Federal) with general regulations and it contains a series of additional publications called Complementary Technical Regulations for Design and construction, which include the design criterion and specifications for concrete, steel, masonry, foundations, wood, seismic design, wind design, loads for design and architectural projects. Those regulations and the code were specified for desing of structures in the Federal District, anyway, with the exception of seismic and wind design are commonly used everywhere in Mexico.

In order to determine wind and seismic loads it is very helpful the Civil works Design Handbook (Manual de Diseño de Obras Civiles) published by the Electricity Federal Comision (CFE) because it covers almost all the country.

Main cities have their own building code, but many of them are based on the Mexico city building code.

Design regulations of Mexico City building code are based on LRFD. There is also a handbook edited by Steel Construction Mexican Institute (Instituto Mexicano de Construcción en Acero) which is based on ASD and is also commonly used. Many structural firms also prefer to use the AISC Specification, both in ASD and for LRFD.

On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 8:31 PM, Rich Lewis <seaint04(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I did a search of the archives and couldn't find an answer.  Sorry if this topic has been dealt with before.


What is the building code of Mexico?  Have they adopted an ICC code?  Do they have a national code, or do states or cities have the option to adopt different codes?






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