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RE: MWFRS Method 1 Question

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Not 100% sure if you are referring to the simplified methods for wind for seismic, but there is (was) a mistake in Breyers' book in the wind force calculation example when wind is parallel to ridge. Did you notice it?

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Subject: MWFRS Method 1 Question

Has ASCE 7-05 been revised to allow the use of wind design Method 1 (Simplified Design) for light-framed residential buildings with shear wall buildings to three story or is it still restricted to 2-story or 30-feet? Breyer's book on wood design makes a strong case for the use of the Simplified method but restricts the use of Method 1 to a two story shear wall building (wood frame). I thought the limit for both the MWFRS and LFRS were limited to 30-feet in height or three stories?


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