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Slab on Grade Detail question

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I am modifying my standard cross section of a SOG detail to have a portion of the footing at the base of the turn down edge protrude out from what I normally show as a straight vertical side of the slab from bottom of foundation to the top of slab. I want to use a 2x4 to extend the lower 8-inch of the turn down edge to form a lip for two reasons:

1.       When  setting flatwork (walkways, patio slabs etc.) against an existing SOG, the lip helps to prevent differential settlement over time by adding support for the flatwork.

2.       When remodeling a foundation and attempting to use a proprietary shear element, the edge distance between the center of the anchor and embedment of the anchor into an epoxies hole will reduce the capacity for uplift on a traditional straight vertical turn down edge. This would allow for greater capacity and compliance with most adhesive manufacturers minimum clearance between the center of the threaded rod and the edge of the concrete foundation.

My question has to do with property setbacks. I’ve designed “L” shaped property walls and the foundation of the CMU wall is allowed on the clients side of the property line only. If the 3-1/2” protrusion of the bottom of the SOG of the home extends into the setback does it violate the property setback clearance requirements established by local municipalities or is the encroachment allowed as it is with the roof overhang?


Thanks in advance


Dennis S. Wish, PE


Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant

La Quinta, CA 92253