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RE: footing edges

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I’m sorry, I misunderstood, if the foundation wall will extend into the setback above grade then I think the AHJs here might measure the setback from the footing.


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Subject: RE: footing edges


I’m sorry – I did not state it correctly. There is a 5’-0” setback on the side-yards. This is, I assume, from the face of the exterior wall of the home to the property line. In the past, the building department would only allow the roof overhang to encroach into the setback by up to 18-inches. My question had to do with the building foundation. While the exterior wall is exactly 5’-0” from the property line, I want to offset the turn-down edge of a slab on grade (similar to the base of a “T” shaped foundation) and have the edge of the concrete footing 3-1/2” into the 5’-0” setback. I don’t believe this is a problem, but wanted to verify if this is the case or if there is any specific section of the IBC 2006 that would restrict this encroachment?


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