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Nuclear reactors and earthquakes (TID-7024) example

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Has anyone ever gone through the example seismic calculation (Steam Generator) in Appendix E of TID-7024? I reworked the problem using Excel for the arithmetic and I'm finding some fairly significant errors, some of which are likely due to the slide rule precision used when the problem was first laid out and others which look like some other numbers possibly mixed in from another problem or another version of the same problem. For example one of the two calculated natural frequencies seems to change from 80.6 rad/sec to 79.8 rad/sec and the other goes from 897 rad/sec to 932 rad/sec. at the end. Since the problem was carried through in length units of feet, the calculated displacement of 0.00047 ft is converted to 0.0056 inches, like you'd expect, but a rotation of 0.000212 radians also gets multiplied by 12 to get 0.0025 radians, which is a bit squirrelly. The 'converted' angular displacement gets carried into a calculation of the maximum overall displacement of 0.144 inches which isn't right.

Is anyone aware that these errors exist? This isn't a particularly urgent situation, since I'm using it as an exercise in a tutorial I'm putting together, but I'd be grateful if anyone has any background on possible errors.

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