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Re: Concrete additives for Pool on roof?

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Lloyd Pack wrote:

I know that this is a bit non-typical, but I'm wanting to
find an additive that can be put in the concrete mix
that will make the concrete less pervious to water.

Does anyone know of a good additive that will keep the
water from moving through the concrete.  We're using
a high strength mix and water stops at the cold joint between
the floor/roof and the walls.  We are looking at using a liner or
a surficial spray on the inside of the pool, or an admix.

I was hoping that with a high strength mix, water stops, and a good admixture, that we wouldn't have a high maintenance

Any tips?


Look at products from Xypex. We had a representative come through last month and he showed examples where the coating was applied on the outside of concrete tanks and still managed to seal them.

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