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fix shrinkage crack for concrete wall

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1-10 inch concrete wall with #4 @ 32 inch o.c. vert for shrinkage and one layer of #4 @24 inch o.c. horiz
 it retaining steel on tension side is ok but min. start with
 #5 @ 8 inch o.c. 2 ft from footing
#5 @ 16 inch o.c. 4 ft  from footing
and #4 @ 16 inch o. c. 4 ft to 10 ft
almost 8 years old
the wall developed hair line crack vertical
only one crack is shifted the face not flush(very small) 
I would assume is shrinkage crack
that Orange County ,CA
if you think there anther reason or analysis
if any one knows some company fix that kind of crack
and prevent future cracks
thanks for let me know
you can e-mail privet for the name of company
Thanks in advance
Dave A.