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re: hooked ABs

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I agree with Harold, I have never heard anything great about hooked ABs though they are still used all over the place. My boss stopped using them when I first started out of college about a decade ago because he read they "would fail by 'snaking' out of the house (wait, how did that much time just slip by!)...
Simpson in Jacksonville, FL (may have something sim. in TX or CA) has a one day seminar regarding their epoxies, bolts, etc. With audience participation, they drill holes in a big block of concrete and then after lunch you test them, even the epoxy anchors. Great demonstrations, as the epoxy would either shear cone fail the concrete or fail the rod in tension. The hooked L bolts always "snaked" out of the hole with the L straightening out.
If we have a connection at a foundation in particular, with any kind of uplift, we use all-thread rods with two nuts and a 2" SQ washer at the end. Nobody ever complains but if they do Simpson makes a PL1/4x2x2 I have seen at Home Depot. For really big uplift conditions at footings we will sometimes make those washers bigger or just use an embed plate that would have to fail in punching shear. We usually detail a couple of pieces of rebar sitting on top of the plate for a little feather in our cap.
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