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Re: Nuclear reactors and earthquakes (TID-7024) example

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On Aug 5, 2008, at 10:17 AM, Jim Lutz wrote:

So it’s entirely possible there are some other errors. It’s a pretty specialized reference, and I doubt that it gets much scrutiny. Is TID-7024 downloadable anywhere? I wouldn’t mind seeing what the whole thing looks like.
It's not downloadable to my knowledge, but it is a great reference especially if you're looking for fundamentals. It predates the common use of computers for dynamic analysis, but the physical aspects are covered in super detail. The only place I know for sure that you can get it is the NTIS, and IIRC it's about $100 for hard copy.

There's another really comprehensive report NASA CR-912 dealing with shell design analysis. That also came out in the 60's before common use of computers of any sort. It was aimed at aerospace structures, so there isn't much on concrete or the usual civil structures, but it was a pine piece of work for specialized pressure vessels. It also had some errors in the section on flat plates. The contractors who did it for NASA used it to write a book which they sold (double dipping in this taxpayer's view) that I'm told had the errors corrected. The NASA report is still a good piece of work.

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