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Re: hooked ABs -- "buggered nuts" (another technical term :)

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I don't think it's a waste of bandwidth, especially since BW can be reused and recycled.  :)

I understand that "buggered" is somewhat off-color in some parts of the world.  Similarly I used the universal "time out" signal recently and a friend from Europe blushed and informed me that it's a *really* rude gesture and not to do it, at least not in the Czech Republic, and certainly not to someone of the female persuasion.  Who knew? 

Similarly, I was in Europe wearing a "Roots" (brand of hippie shoes) T-shirt long ago and someone informed me that such shouldn't be worn in polite company. 

Talk about a waste of BW!


In a message dated 8/5/08 4:44:24 PM, jeffsmith7(--nospam--at) writes:
I googled buggered:
"A BBC survey in 2000 rated bugger as 21st in the list of worst swearwords,
above Jesus Christ (25) and God (28). 21% of people surveyed thought it was
not swearing and 47% considered it mild swearing." Pardon the waste of

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foul = buggered



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> Or foul the threads.

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