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Re: plywood diaphragm to light gage

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There are wood panel sheathed, cold-formed steel framed, screw attached 
diaphragm shear values in the 2004 AISI Lateral Design standard (AISI-Lateral) 
referenced in Section 2210 of the 2006 IBC.  See for cold-formed 
steel publications and technical notes (one is on pins).  Also, there are 
manufacturers that offer pins to attached wood sheathing to CFS framing and have code reports ( 
From: Joseph R. Grill [jrgrill(--nospam--at)] 
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Subject: plywood diaphragm to light gage 
Several years ago I believe I ask a question of the list to see if there was any 
diaphragm values for plywood screwed to light gage supports.  If I remember 
correctly, someone posted some ICBO testing (maybe ICC is newer) that contained 
diaphragm values.  It may have been shot pins, I just don’t remember.  I have 
searched through my library, but since my office has moved a couple of times 
since then I can’t find that information (if it existed in the first place).  If 
anyone out there has that information, I would appreciate a copy or a link to 
the information.  I have a client that is considering a roof system that would 
require this, if possible. 
Joe Grill 
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