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RE: seaint Digest for 7 Aug 2008

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 Joe, if it is a means of egress for the parking structure, it must be
designed for the full menu of building loads. It is not uncommon to
"unhook" stair towers from parking structures because they expand and
contract more than a conventional building structure due to exposure to
the full temperature swing of the environment, and it must either be
detailed to "go along for the ride" or be independent to mitigate that
effect, and they certainly should not impart restraint to the parking
structure expansion and contraction. Durability is also a concern, so in
my humble opinion, I would treat it as an enclosed or partially enclosed
building structure.......

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Subject: wind on stair tower

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I have been asked to look at  a free standing stair tower situated next
to a parking garage.  The tower will be enclosed by the parking
structure on two sides and is about 30ft tall.  It will be enclosed by a
screening material ("Green Screen" I believe it is called).  I may be
able to take some of the wind loads into the parking structure, but I
think at this time, the remainder will be resisted by 2 vertical HSS
sections.  I have some questions regarding the calculations for the wind
loading.  What do you think, would this be a building or non-building
structure.  If building, would it be enclosed, open, or partially
enclosed?  If non building, would it be a tower, trussed tower or
whatever ?  I'm sorry, it seems that I am asking about the entire setup
for the calculations, and I guess I am in a way.  It doesn't seem as
though it really fits any of the definitions in ASCE 7-05.  Maybe some
of you can explain a little.  Any one done something like this in the



Joe Grill



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