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Andrew et al,

I'm sorry I missed some of this thread on anchor bolts.

At the risk of going over old ground, I am designing a foundation for my brother's plant for a press machine from Verson. Their foundation sketch is pretty lousy, e.g., they show a 3" diameter hooked anchor bolt. The don't give the weight of the machine, what the loads are at the bearing points, etc. I complained to my brother who has said that he would pass my comments on to Verson. In the meantime, I am trying to figure out what to design the anchor rods for. If I assume an uplift (unlikely with a brake press) based on the strength of the rod material (A36), I figure I need an end bearing plate approx. 12" x 12" to keep my bearing pressure to 0.375*(3.0) = 1.125 ksi. I believe that the anchor rod is really intended to resist shear and, hence, the bottom plate could be smaller. Verson, of course, provides no information.

Does anybody have any comments on this specific issue/


Andrew Kester, P.E. wrote:
Thanks to Harold, Bill and Suresh for your discussion on ACI anchor bolts. Though at first it is a bit against my engineering common sense, I know understand what you mean when you say that bearing plates can actually REDUCE the pullout strength of the anchor bolts. Very interesting, call me a flip flopper but I have been convinced, and will no longer specify the oversized washers or bearing plates, just an unnecessary additional expense, though tiny. FWIW, I always design based on only the bolt head or nut, and just treated the plate as a feather in my cap, but as it turns out that doesn't really help. Have a good weekend all,
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