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RE: OSB Shear wall nailing

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Thanks, of course it would have to been that simple.  Another way that I have found since I posted, but is kind of a back in way is the tables in the NDS Wind and Seismic Provisions work back to the IBC tables, with the appropriate factor, and in their commentary states OSB does apply.


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Subject: RE: OSB Shear wall nailing


Please see “definitions”, section 2302, which clearly defines “wood structural panels” including examples of same, which include both OSB and plywood.





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Subject: OSB Shear wall nailing


Are the Shear wall tables directly applicable to plywood and OSB and where can this association be found in the code or other documents.  IBC 2306.4.1 says structural panel sheathing.  Does “structural panel sheathing” indicate both plywood and OSB?  It has been a very long time since I have been asked this and I am going to have to explain. 


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