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RE: SDC D Ordinary Moment frame connection using HSS sections

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Thank you.  The fabricator doing this is the one saying no full pen welds.  I’m not sure other detailing requirements for a SDC D can be made with the HSS sections.  I can’t find any examples relating.  This is relating to my little stair tower problem that I fell into (wishing I hadn’t now).  The seismic issues just came up yesterday and do make a mess of the process considering the small scope and smaller time frame.


If there are any seismic Gurus out there, do you think a stair tower which consists of a moment frame can be considered a non-building structure?  If so, can a person use the “all other structures” category with an R=1.25, and if so does that allow a design without all the seismic detailing issues?


Any help




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Subject: RE: SDC D Ordinary Moment frame connection using HSS sections


I wouldn’t say it was impossible it just has to be from one side, using backing plates: which may still be the preferred practice if using wide flange beams especially if they lack depth. The Seismic requirements I cannot comment on.



Conrad Harrison

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Subject: SDC D Ordinary Moment frame connection using HSS sections


Can HSS sections be used in an Ordinary Moment Frame in a SDC D.  I can’t see, in the seismic design manual,  where it is specifically excluded, but I can’t find any information for the HSS Beam to HSS column connection design.  It seems that it can’t be done since a full pen weld is difficult if not impossible to do for a HSS beam to HSS Column face.  If there is an example out there I would love to see it.  I am doing some work for a fabricator and they are expecting HSS sections due to what is seen in the construction documents.  I have to let him know real soon if he will need to go to wide flange members.


Thanks for the help,

Joe Grill


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