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RE: SDC D Ordinary Moment frame connection using HSS sections

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Hmmm, in the case of the V, rounding the point of V would aid in reducing stress concentration effects.


In the case of tension force at 45 to weld I also am interested in others comments. Could one convince himself that the tension force is resolved as simply as a couple in the plane of top and bottom of beam within column thereby staying out of weld? I guess I’d have to slow down and sketch a stress diagram through the joint to really think this through.


To further display my ignorance…..where is it written that backing must be removed when force is at 45 to weld?




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If I’m understanding you correctly, cyclical tension force would be at a 45º angle to the weld, so the backing would have to be removed, which could not be accomplished.  Also, there would be a significant stress increase at the point of the V.


This is a really good question.  I’d be interested to know how others deal with it.



Gordon Goodell




Mark D. Baker wrote:


“In the situation where column meets beam and the column does not continue past beam, cut ends of column and beam at 45, backing can be installed for this joint.


Where column does run past beam, cut notch in column in a V shape (female end) and cut end of beam in a V shape (male end) to insert into the column notch. This joint also will be able to receive backing plates.


You are correct that when trying to join the beam to the column face, full pen welds are nearly impossible.”