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RE: Allowable Holes/Cutouts in Wood Shear Wall Panels

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If you look at the perforated design technique, IBC Table 2305.3.8.2,
You could have 90% of your wall taken up with unreinforced (i.e. not
designed for shear transfer) openings <= H/3, and still not reduce your
pier shear strength.  This has always seemed a bit much to me, but it
does suggest that a 12x12 opening isn't going to cause much problem.  It
does reduce your wall length by a foot, though.


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Subject: Allowable Holes/Cutouts in Wood Shear Wall Panels


Can anyone suggest some guidelines for allowable holes/cutouts in wood
wall panels? The maximum size cutouts I am concerned with are on the
of 12" diameter or 12" x 12" square. I am familiar with the type of
presented in the Seismic Design Manual,  but wonder if there are some
generally acceptable rules on maximum size and location that are not
for the more rigorous analysis and how to reinforce at the location of
hole/cutout, if even required.


Michel Blangy

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