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Re: wet masonry

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An editorial here:
The latter reference RE: clay masonry refers to clay w/ "high absorption rates" and that "Selection of compatible units and mortar can mitigate this effect"  Most brick these days are hot-fired, and have very low absorption.  Most of the rest can be dealt with using the proper mortar mix.  Only a small portion of the rest needs to be wetted.
On that note, I observed a great deal of CMU being placed in Albuquerque, with temps around 100F and single digit humidity, with no pre-wetting or spray.
In both of those cases, I leave it to the skill of the mason to get the mix just right.  It works.
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Go to ACI530.1 (Specification for Masonry Structures) Section 3.2.C.1 " not wet concrete masonry... before laying", also refer to Commentary (page SC18).
Clay masonry needs to be wetted.
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Subject: wet masonry

Does anyone know where I can find a definition of "wet masonry"? The project specifications state (under Quality Assurance) "Do not lay units that are wet or frozen." I've checked the Specification for Masonry Structures and could not find anything.